Required Textbooks

Part 1 (Weeks 1-6)

Hansen and Quinn's Greek: An Intensive Course, 2nd Revised Edition: This textbook is readily available from a variety of online booksellers. Students are welcome to buy the textbook in any format as long as it is the 2nd revised edition. Students should acquire a copy of this textbook before the first day of class.

Part 2 (Weeks 7-10)

TBD: In the last 4 weeks of the course, students will need to acquire Greek texts and commentaries based on their elective choices. Information about the textbooks for Part 2 will be made available during Part 1. Students should not purchase the textbooks for Part 2 until the electives are assigned.

Optional Textbooks

In Part 2, student will require access to a Greek-English dictionary and an Ancient Greek reference grammar. If students prefer a physical dictionary, they may purchase Liddell and Scott's Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon. For physical copies of reference grammars, Smyth's Greek Grammar and Morwood's Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek are both good options.

However, free, electronic versions of both Liddell and Scott's dictionary and Smyth's reference grammar are available. Students will be introduced to these and other free digital resources at the beginning of Part 2